Hydraulic system working medium pollution control

Hydraulic piston rod system is a thought pollutant, invading pollutants and generating pollutants. In the product design process, we should take the principle of prevention as the mainstay and governance as the supplement, and fully consider how to eliminate pollution sources and prevent pollution.
In addition to the reasonable selection of the parameters and structure of the hydraulic piston rod system components in the design phase, the following measures can be taken to control the impact of pollutants. The fine oil filter is installed before and after the throttle valve, and the accuracy of the oil filter depends on the control speed. For all components to be machined, the orifice must have a certain chamfer to prevent the seal from being cut and easy to assemble. All components, piping, etc. must be carefully cleaned after the processing to eliminate burrs, oil, fibers, etc.; the environment must be clean before assembly, all components must be dry assembly. After assembly, carefully select the flushing media that is compatible with the working medium and carefully clean it. When it is put into normal use, the new oil should be settled by standing before being added to the tank. After filtering, it can be added to the system. If necessary, an intermediate tank can be set up to precipitate and filter the new oil to ensure the oil is clean.
Another aspect of the working fluid contamination of the piston rod is the contamination of the external environment by the medium. Try to use high-viscosity working oil to reduce leakage; realize the greening of working medium of engineering machinery transmission device as soon as possible, adopt non-sugar hydraulic oil; develop recycling technology of hydraulic oil; develop working medium green additive.

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