Hydraulic piston rod nickel-iron cobalt chrome plating

Hydraulic cylinders are important actuators in hydraulic systems for performing reciprocating motion and are widely used in construction machinery. Hydraulic cylinder piston rod is an important part of hydraulic cylinder. It is usually made of solid rod or hollow rod with 35, 34 or seamless steel pipe. In order to improve the anti-corrosion of wear resistance, the traditional domestic process is hard chrome plating (plating). The thickness is 0.02~0.05mm) and polished, and the surface roughness Ra is 1.6~0.4μm. Because chrome plating is serious to people and the environment, it is a national environmental protection line value project, and the coating is uneven, the porosity is high, the skin is easy to peel, and the chrome plating is also high, which can not meet the production needs, so it is replaced by a suitable economical coating. Chrome plating has always been an important topic in the construction machinery industry.
Wuxi Qunyu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. currently produces and sells nickel-iron-cobalt-chromium plating bath, using the nickel-iron-cobalt nano-alloy coating produced by this series of products, hardness, wear resistance, surface roughness, The deep plating ability and covering ability are obviously superior to the chrome plating layer, which can replace the use of chrome plating (including hexavalent chromium, hard chrome and trivalent chromium), and has high current efficiency and fast deposition speed. In addition, the use of this product is simple in process and can achieve zero emissions.
The EU RoHS Directive prohibits the use of hexavalent chromium, which limits the export of products from China's electronics, machinery, and automobiles manufacturing industries to EU countries to a certain extent. Using the nickel-iron-cobalt-chromium plating solution produced by our company, it will be a good substitute for hexavalent chromium.
Dw-030 generation chrome plating process is a nickel diamond ternary alloy plating, is a successful alternative to chrome plating process, chrome plating is a process that produces a lot of pollution in the production process. Dw-30 coating is an environmentally safe process because it is close to zero emissions. It has stronger corrosion resistance and wear resistance than chrome plating. It has bright silver-like color and is suitable for various applications. The cost is 20% to 30% lower than chrome plating. The plating process is very similar to chrome plating. The chrome conversion is very dw-030. Easy, cheap and pollution-free. Significantly improve the environmental governance, save a lot of pollution treatment costs, economic and environmental benefits, this type of technology represents the electroplating process, is the development trend of the electroplating industry.

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