Design of piston rod drilling and chamfering equipment

Piston rod drilling chamfering machine, used to complete the drilling and chamfering of the piston rod end pin hole. By using the CW6163 bed structure and adding related components, the high-speed rotating T-drill can be used to replace the ordinary drill bit, and the large pallet movement of the lathe can be used to realize the work, one time clamping, and two steps of drilling and chamfering are completed, and the processing time is shortened. , increased processing efficiency.
(1) Design background. The telescopic cylinder in hydraulic transmission is widely used, and the pin hole of the end of the telescopic piston rod is commonly used in the range of φ 30 ~ & phi; 80mm. At present, the pin hole is mostly processed on a drilling machine and a boring machine by an ordinary drill bit. The process flow is divided into a drill & mdash according to the diameter of the drill hole; chamfer or drill & mdash; expansion & mdash; chamfering, chamfering, need to change the drill bit, secondary loading Clips, secondary correction, and ordinary drill bit rotation speed, workers labor, and low efficiency.
With the advent of high-speed rotary drills, the processing efficiency is gradually increasing, but the processing environment and cooling requirements of high-speed rotary cutters are more suitable for use in processing points and other equipment, and the processing cost is high. In order to use this type of high-speed rotary cutter in ordinary equipment, designing the piston rod drilling chamfering machine has important significance for processing efficiency and processing cost.
(2) Design principle: 1 tool rotation support part design uses the oil feeder structure, so that the rigidity is reasonable, the tool discharge inside the tool, and can control the flow of cutting fluid. 2The clamping system adopts two kinds of positioning, radial positioning and axial positioning, which can be adjusted to the middle position of the drilling hole to meet the requirements of the drawing, combined with the clamping plate clamping. 3 The chamfering system adopts the original lathe tailstock, removes the screw and other parts, and adds the drill pipe, motor and so on. The chamfering motor can realize frequency conversion and adjust the speed. When the workpiece is drilled, the workpiece is returned to chamfered by the large pallet. The chamfer drill pipe has a Mohs taper of 6# and a high strength. 4 The cooling system uses the coolant tank at the end of the original lathe to add a gear oil pump, motor and other accessories with a flow rate of 10L, and sends it to the oil feeder through the flow regulating valve to realize the utilization of the cutting fluid.
Piston rod drilling chamfering machine, using CW6163 lathe bed, increase the oil feeder system, clamping system, chamfering system and cooling system, using the internal cooling high-speed rotating tool to achieve drilling The purpose of chamfering.
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