Promote the utility and content of 6S and their respective responsibilities

6S content
Organize (SEIRI)——Classify any item in the workplace as necessary and unnecessary, except where necessary to stay, others are eliminated. Purpose: To make room for space, prevent misuse, and create a refreshing workplace.
Revision (SEITON)—— Place the necessary items left behind according to the specified position and place them neatly to mark them. Purpose: The workplace is clear at a glance, eliminating the time to find items, neat work environment, and eliminating excessive backlogs.
Sweeping (SEISO)—— Clean up the visible and invisible areas of the workplace and keep the workplace clean and bright. Purpose: Stabilize quality and reduce industrial damage.
Clean (SEIKETSU) & mdash; & mdash; maintain the above 3S results.
Scientific (SHITSUKE)—— each member develops good habits, and follows the rules to do things, and fostering initiative is the spirit (also known as habit). Purpose: To cultivate employees who have good habits and follow the rules and build a team spirit.
Security (SECURITY)——Imports safety education for all employees, and always has the concept of safety first and every moment, and prevents it from happening. Purpose: To establish an environment for safe production, all work should be based on safety.

Employees’ responsibilities in “6S” activities
1. their work environment needs to be constantly organized, rectified, items are displayed according to regulations, not allowed to be placed.
2. things that are not needed should be processed immediately.
3. the channel must always be clean and smooth.
4. items, tools, etc. should be placed in the prescribed place, should be carefully placed, correctly placed, safely placed, larger and heavier piled in the lower layer.
5. fire extinguishers, switchboards, switch boxes, etc. should be kept clean at all times.
6. the responsibility area for the individual to be responsible for finishing.
7. paper scraps, cartons, etc. should be cleaned up in a timely manner.
8. keep cleaning and keep it clean.

Supervisor’s responsibility in the &6S” event
1. full support and implementation <6S”.
2. participate in the relevant "6S" regulations, comprehensive site management.
3. assist the subordinates to overcome the obstacles and difficulties of <6S”.
4. familiar with the implementation method of <6S” and explain to the subordinates.
5. conduct assessment and scoring work.
6. "6S” Improvements and representations of scoring weaknesses.
7. urge subordinates to perform regular cleaning inspections.
8. after work, name and inventory clothing, to conduct safety inspections before leaving work.

Implementing the utility of 6S
1. improve corporate image
2. improve production efficiency
3. increase inventory turnover rate
4. reduce failures, guarantee quality
5. strengthen security, reduce security risks
6. develop the habit of saving, reduce production costs
7. shorten the operating cycle, ensure delivery period
8. improve the spirit of the company, form a good corporate culture

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