Beautiful China Qunke offering

There is no regret in this life in China, and the Chinese are still in the afterlife! So far, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, we only offer a lot of blood and blessings, wishing the dear motherland prosperity and prosperity!
Qunke Machinery uses a good attitude to give gifts to the great motherland! We are committed to using our professional products to contribute to the construction machinery industry of the motherland and serve our lives!
On the night of National Day, are you speechless, are you moved? When you saw the six cranes domineeringly propped up the giant flag, excitedly told yourself that there was the one I personally made in the hydraulic cylinder of Optimus Prime! How much sweat, how many tears, at the moment, worth it!
Our smile is incomparably splendid, and prosperous for the 70 years of the motherland's hard work!
Our heart is incomparably firm, blue and blue, and the same boat, you, me, him, we follow the footsteps of the motherland, create the glory of the group, the glory of the motherland!

Look at the lights and see the rivers running,
Looking at the 
Qunke's daytime, enthusiasm is like fire,
Watching the 
Qunke's night, the lights are burning,
Struggling people will always rush on the future sunshine road!

The fate makes us meet together,
Dreams make us work more closely,
For the future of the 
Qunke, for our tomorrow, come on!

Don't forget the original intention, think about the future!
Unswervingly believe:
The Ancestral Congress makes our home more stable!
Groups will make our lives better!
Long live the motherland! Refueling 
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